Thursday Thoughts: Enough is Enough edition

Random Thursday Thoughts:

  • Enough of this not running stuff.  I’m officially at the end of my rope.
  • A running blog is boring (to write and to read!) when I’m not running.
  • Repeat MRI yesterday and doctor appointment to go over results tomorrow.  I think I know what the result is, but stay tuned.
  • These have been the longest 14 weeks of my life.
  • Saturday completes my week long race volunteer spree (5k Saturday and marathon Sunday), with working (being in charge of!) a water stop at the Gear Western Half Marathon.  Anyone running it?
  • Proof that running is good for more than just the body:  two of my running friends (who MET through our running group) are getting married on Saturday!  Running is good for the heart too! 🙂

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