Boston and Blizzards

Random Running Thoughts:

  • Got my Twin Cities Marathon race packet today.  I would be lucky number 3509, if only I could run!
  • Boston Registration opened today.  Normally I would have been glued to the internet reading all the speculation about when registration will close, if people that qualified won’t make it in, etc.  I barely read anything about it all day though.  Crossing my fingers for my friends who did qualify and hoping that they get in!  Boston Marathon IS the best marathon ever.  At the rate my running is going, I should qualify for the 2030 Boston Marathon.
  • Day 65 of no running.  Crazy.  The GOOD news is that I finally feel pretty darn good in my left leg.  Good enough that I’m sure a lot of people would resume running.  But I can tell it’s not 100% (I’d say maybe 75%), so I’m not gonna run.  I’ve come this far – I may as well wait until it’s completely healed so that I don’t have to start the not running clock over again. I’ve had a couple of set backs (personal – not running related) that have kept me off my feet, but I’m now back to a busy activity level filled with power walking, biking, water running and PT.  And I’m super super thankful that I’m able to do all of that.
  • Fact:  The number of DQ blizzards that I ate this summer is higher than the number of times that I ran this summer.  So that’s something.

2 thoughts on “Boston and Blizzards

  1. Dory spence

    Cindi, You are WISE (too wait for complete healing and FUNNY about Blizzards ” all shall be well in time” LOVE

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