When I Grow Up I Want To Be Like My Daughter . . .

Brace yourselves for this shocker:  I’ve been having a tough time dealing with my injury and not running.

So last night I receive an email with a link to Runners World article about mental toughness in running, along with a note from the sender saying:

 “I really really enjoyed this article. You are and can continue to take your time off to improve on your mental toughness and training. Keep your head up”

The identity of the sender?  My VERY soon to be 16 year old daughter.   So wise for her age.  SHE is someone who I look up to.  It’s true.

Me and meg first day of school 2013

Me and Meg this morning on her 1st day of sophomore year!

One thought on “When I Grow Up I Want To Be Like My Daughter . . .

  1. Dad

    Wise ,yes.but maybe it was wise like ” I want the
    car tonight and what can I say to soften her up ? ” Sorry ,just a Dad
    /grandpa thought .

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