Vitamins, Supplements and Herbs, Oh My!

I did something very good for my running health tonight:  happy hour (beer, red wine and deep fried chicken fingers) with some running friends.  Next best thing to actually running.

The conversation turned to running (imagine that!) and staying healthy as a runner.  Which led to talk about what supplements, vitamins, herbs, etc. we do to keep healthy and/or recover from running injuries.

What a naive runner I am!  Here I thought my daily dose of antioxidants (a glass of cab) and carbs (chocolate cake) and dairy (oreo blizzard) were sufficient to heal me and keep me running strong and fast.  So much to learn.

Quite honestly, and with no offense to the ladies that I had happy hour with because they are WAY faster and tinier and stronger than I am, I was shocked by the amount of “stuff” that they take each day to make their bodies healthy and strong.  I honestly don’t know how they fit it all in their tiny bodies (or remember to take it all, when and with what and how much!)

So, my 5 readers (2 of whom aren’t runners – hi Mom and Dad!), in order to save me from googling and trying to figure out what I “should” be taking, it’s your turn to comment and tell me your “must have” vitamins, supplements, herbs, voodoo magic for healthy living and strong, fast running.  Ready?  Go!

10 thoughts on “Vitamins, Supplements and Herbs, Oh My!

  1. Haha, “hi Mom and Dad!” I know the feeling, but I’d imagine you have a few more than five readers. I just wanted to pop in and finally say, “hi.” I’ve been a reader for several weeks now. Also, I just started Law School this past week. I know you can relate; I’m beyond glad I have running to take my mind away from Contracts and Property several times a week.

    Just so you know, I’m slow when it comes to what I should take as well. I mostly just drink water and hope for the best. Oh, and peanut butter. Can one not survive on those two things alone?

    1. Hi Jillian! I’m surprised you have energy to blog and comment after your first week of law school. Welcome!

      Yes! I need to add peanut butter to my supplement list. I DO have daily peanut butter on a mini bagel each morning.

      So, so far my supplements are: red wine, chocolate cupcakes, oreo blizzards (really, any kind of blizzard) and peanut butter. Really, is it necessary for anyone else to comment? This list looks pretty damn good to me.

  2. Nicole

    I take vitamin D everyday along with fish oil. I try not to take too many pills and get my nutrients through food.

  3. Tom (Dad)

    Vitamin D ,fish oil ,and a multi V is all you need. Most “supplements” are not tested or regulated by the FDA and cover a range from being junk to being downright dangerous. They just had a Dr. from the U of M on MPR this week talking about it. He personally would not go near the unregulated stuff. Seems to me beer , wine , chocolate and maybe a little peanut butter is just about right .I know it gets me through my active day of reading and using the remote control to switch between sports events.

  4. Angela K.

    Okay, I didn’t stick around for this conversation but if I had here’s what I would add (and I wish I was as tiny as the three of you!) – when I remember to take them, here’s what I take: 1) a pre-natal vitamin (when I run out of these I’ll start with a multi-vitamin and 2) a shot of pure cherry juice combines with a liquid iron supplement. I take the cherry juice because it’s supposed to be a natural anti-inflammatory and it keeps me from tasting as much of the iron. That’s all I take. And I try to eat more red meat for the iron. I was anemic as a kid so I know this is an area I need to focus on.

  5. Personally I don’t take any supplements and never really have. I know that iron can be an issue especially for female runners. When I was coaching I had a girl training hard and getting worse each week. We got her on some iron and she took off like a rocket!

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