Trust In Your Training

I’ve run 12 marathons.  And as I prepare for each of them, I would have to say that the one piece of advice that I hear over and over – and that actually IS really good advice – is “Trust in your training“.  From the start line, continuing through each mile and right through the very last step as you cross the finish line, you have to believe in yourself, believe that you have put in enough hard work, believe that you are physically and mentally trained to handle whatever the marathon will throw at you, believe that you are strong enough to battle through the tough spots and, most importantly perhaps, you have to keep the faith.

Today I am reminded that “trust in your training” applies equally to life.  I’m also reminded that something like not being able to run, temporarily, because of a stress fracture, is not the end of the world.  Deep breaths.

2 thoughts on “Trust In Your Training

  1. Kelly LeCours

    Yes trust in your training. FYI I had a stress fracture in my fibula 6 weeks out from Boston a few years back. Got one 10 mile run in a week before and was able to run Boston the next week. You can do it. BTW, any chance you are doing Phoenix RnR Marathon in Jan.? I too ran Phoenix last year because NYC cancelled. Wasn’t a great run but I will always finish no matter what. Hope you have a speedy recovery!

  2. I am just coming back after an injury, not being able to run was awful and trying to stay positive along the way was becoming a full-time job! I have been a runner all my life, but I only started racing a few years ago and I am back to training for my first half, than after a couple halves, full it will be! All the best on your recovery and congrats on all your accomplishments!

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