Random Tuesday Thoughts

Random Tuesday Thoughts (not as catchy as Thursday Thoughts):

  • Today I wore cute heels for the first time in 45 days.  And let me tell you it felt good to wear something other than running shoes (when not running) and ugly grandma shoes.  It’s amazing how much you take something as simple as being able to walk in sparkly 3 inch heels for granted!
  • Day 5 without The Boot and I’m feeling good.  Still going to stick with just biking for awhile, but I feel really really good.  All the sudden.  Weird.
  • On the advice of a friend who has suffered numerous running related stress fractures, I started taking New Chapter Bone Strength.  It’s a calcium/vitamin K/vitamin D supplement.   Delivers a whole bunch of good for you bone stuff right into the areas that need it.  Probably coincidental that I feel so good so soon after taking it, huh?  The first day I took them they made me a little nauseous, so I actually am only taking 2/3 the recommended dosage for now.  Stay tuned.
  • The other thing that has energized me is a happy hour with beer, chocolate cake and good company.   Must do that more often.

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