Just Call Me Noah

Random Thoughts:

  • I now officially know what Noah and the animals felt like cooped up on a depressing ark in the rain for 40 days and 40 nights.  Tomorrow is my 40th day without running. 😦
  • I had my second PT appointment today.  A couple new exercises to add in to the mix.  My new diagnosis (left tibial distal stress fracture) didn’t change too much on the PT front.  I’m still unbelievably weak in the hips, glutes and ankles.  And still can’t do a squat.  I did ask them:  “This will sound dumb, but I just want to run.  What’s the big deal if I can’t do a squat?”  So he proceeded to show me how I look when I TRY to squat – my legs/knees get all shaky and wonky and tilt inwards and I’m using my lower leg to push up/off – instead of my glutes and hamstrings/quads.  So when you run, you are essentially jumping forward on one foot and coming up – like coming up from a squat.  So every time I take a step running, I’m putting tons of pressure on the lower leg and inner leg (ankle) instead of using my glutes.  Causing too much stress on the wrong body parts.  It DOES make sense when he explains it.  So my number one goal is to strengthen my glutes and be able to do a fricking squat.  Stay tuned.
  • I took a mini-break from ALL cross training, partly because of work and vacation schedule, but also because I figured it will help me heal quicker.  So today was also 10 days of no cross training.  Back to biking and water running tomorrow.
  • This week has been really difficult.
  • Got to use their super cool ice machine that compresses as it ices at PT today.  Wheee. (And don’t worry, it’s just the angle – my thighs aren’t that huge from lack of exercise and eating overload.  Yet)
  • icing leg

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