A Perfect Storm

A perfect storm of events tonight kept me from completing my MRI.  What should have taken about 45 minutes took 2 hours and 30 minutes and it’s still not complete.  Ugggg.  First, after doing almost the entire series, the “images were distorted” so the tech wanted to do them again.  Ok, fine.  Then, we are plugging along and she says they are turning out much better this time, and BAM the crazy storm shuts down the power and the MRI machine won’t reboot (improper term, but right idea).  So since I only have 10 minutes of imaging left, I wait for a tech.  But it’s so late at night (8:00 by this point) that after 45 minutes I tell her forget it, I’ll reschedule.  Hoping to cram it in tomorrow night.

So – here’s what has me guessing now:  I asked the tech if she was able to see anything, hoping that since I waited so long she’d be nice and tell me (because I KNOW they are able to read them – even though they aren’t radiologists, if there is something there, she does enough of them to know what’s going on).  She says, “I’m not a radiologist . . . but you should come back and finish these“.   I’m probably tired and frustrated and reading too much into it – but I swear the way she said it she was trying to say without saying “there’s something fucked up, get back here to finish this.”  It didn’t seem like a “oh, I don’t know, you may as well come back and finish up the 10 minutes.”


In other news – a couple days away in Duluth gave me a bit of an attitude shift (even though it was work, it was still good).  I’m hoping the mountain air in Colorado does even more for me later this week as I go to spectate, volunteer and support Scott at the Leadville 100 mountain bike race.  Wheeee!

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