Call Me Crazy

Is this crazy:  I don’t want to run tomorrow.


Tomorrow will be 27 days of no running.  That’s almost 4 weeks for the mathematically challenged readers out there.  I’ve cried because I couldn’t run.  I’ve screamed.  I’ve been crabby because I couldn’t run. I’ve begged the running gods to heal me and let me run.  I’ve followed the doctor’s and physical therapist’s instructions to a T.

And now I’m cleared to try running (7 days pain free without The Boot).   And I don’t want to run.

Why?  I’m nervous.  Scared that it’s still going to hurt and that I’ll be set back further and have to wait even longer to run.

So I may wait another day.  Call it an even 4 weeks off.  Or maybe not.  Stay tuned.

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