Confession: I can’t do a squat

Healing is HARD work.

I think I worked harder today than I did on a random weekday a month ago, when I was running 10 – 12 miles a day.  My workouts and strengthening stuff consisted of:


  • PT exercises (about 20 – 25 minutes);
  • 20 minutes cycling on trainer;
  • TONS of random “firing of the glutes” when I thought about it – driving, walking, standing, sitting in my office – I’d essentially contract my butt muscles – one at a time and hold it for a stretch of time.  Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.  And on and on and on.
  • 10 minutes power walking at maximum incline on treadmill (to develop glutes)
  • 50 minutes pool running

I totally get it now that I was made aware of how weak my glutes are.   Here’s something embarassing to admit:  I can’t do a squat.  Seriously.  When I told that to my daughter – who does a gazillion of them – holding a weight above her head – for cross country, she didn’t believe me.  She had me show her.  And she was amazed that I was right – I can’t do one.  Uggggg.  My quads are really strong – and I use them to try to squat and get back up.  But when I try to do a proper squat and power with my butt, I can’t even get down into squat position.  What does this mean for running?  That I overuse my other muscles, which leads to imbalances and injury.  Ugggg.  Must get stronger glutes.


One thought on “Confession: I can’t do a squat

  1. Healing is way harder than training; what with the patience and learning how to ‘fire’ muscles you didn’t realize weren’t firing and the rebuilding of imbalances. I know it can get frustrating, but just remember that it’ll all be worth it in the end. – Says the girl that is still waiting on her clearance to run again after 18 weeks. (But I can impart this wisdom based on my previous stress fracture, which took 9 months to heal. I PR’d every race distance I raced after I came back from that.)

    Keep at it!

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