My problem A$$

Today, I heard what every woman dreads hearing:  “Your hips and your ass and your abs are a problem”.

So sad.

Thankfully, it was just the Physical Therapist, and not someone more important to me that said that.  And thankfully he didn’t say it quite like that.  But he DID say that my hips are a “problem area”, my glutes “are not firing” and my abs “are a problem”.  Ugggg.

I had been nervous about going to the PT – sort of for the same reasons as my phobia of group classes – I am SUPER unflexible and it’s embarrassing.  And sure enough, when the PT dude put my legs and body parts in goofy positions to test things out and had me do goofy exercises and tests, I was embarrassed by my lack of flexibility and how out of whack my body is.  But – I sucked it up and did what he told me to do.  And at the end of the process, he explained a bunch of stuff that makes sense.  Things I knew, really.  About how all the different body parts are related and connected and being weak in one affects another, etc.  It’s a blessing, really, that I got checked out for the tendonitis thing.  Because he pointed out areas I’m weak that I need to strengthen and change if I want to be a strong, healthy runner on a long term basis.  I’m still processing a bunch of what he told me and I don’t have time to blog it all now.  Stay tuned.

What was good about today’s appointment:

  • He gave me 4 exercises to do daily (a couple every other day).  I did them today and my glutes already feel it.  Yikes.  So they are hopefully doing their thing.
  • He gave me more things to think about when I do start running (he’d be willing to bet my cadence is too slow, which throws off a bunch of things when you run – form – which leads to things like my PTT!)  So when I’m back to running I’ll count cadence and see where I’m at and try to increase it if necessary.
  • He thinks when I do run (which might be Friday, if things continue to feel good!), I should do 5 – 6 minutes run, 1 minute walk.  Repeat a few times.
  • He gave me this funky self massage thing to do to my tibal tendon on the leg and foot with the handle of a butter knife.   Wish me luck!
  • I’m feeling hopeful.

3 thoughts on “My problem A$$

  1. Frankie

    When I went to PT after my ITBS flare up my therapist said to me that there are two types of people Gumby and those who never will be Gumby. I’m one of those that try as I might will never be Gumby. So I feel your inflexibilty lol.

  2. Tom (Dad)

    Way to complicated for me. Beer and brats can work wonders on an apparently shot to hell body like yours.

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