Posterior Tibial Tendonitis Recovery: Phase 2

22 days of no running. 😦

Saw the doctor again last Monday and she was very encouraging.  She even said there’s still a definite possibility of running Twin Cities, though I’m not as optimistic about that as she is.  Honestly, I don’t care about running Twin Cities.  I just want to be able to run for the sake of running.  To run off my stress.

So the next phase, since I went 9 days in a row in The Boot without pain, is to stop wearing The Boot and try to get 5 -7 days in a row without pain.  My first day without The Boot was Tuesday.   It felt odd walking without The Boot.  I could tell my left leg was weaker.  I was babying it and walking weird on it, to try to avoid pain.  No go.  Still had pain Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Friday was noticeably better and what I am calling my first pain free day without the boot.  Saturday too.  Crossing my fingers it continues.

I have my first physical therapy appointment tomorrow.  I’m really anxious to get in there and see what they think and get some exercises to strengthen it.

Biking on the trainer and water running just aren’t cutting it for me.  I miss running. So much.

2 thoughts on “Posterior Tibial Tendonitis Recovery: Phase 2

  1. Becky

    Bless you for being so honest about this in your blog. I have been injured twice in two years, and it really sucked. I didn’t have any motivation to work out at all, and all I wanted to eat was junk. Reading running blogs made me frustrated. I got through it, tried to get back too fast, ran a crappy race, and got injured the second time. I am back now, improving slowly. I am no nearly where I want to be, but I finally have a running base that gives me confidence to start getting faster again. I may even race again.

    I know where you are. It is a tough place. It feels like you will be there forever. You will get out eventually. Be patient.

    Just writing this email has made me teary; this has been such an emotional journey for me.

    Hang in there. It will get better.

  2. Katie

    Just writing this for any one who is searching the internet left and right to hear that someone any one eventually recovered from posterior tibialis. I did thank the good lord above! I began feeling my injury March 26th 2014 and would say I am about 95 percent cured now a year and 2 months later. Up until May 2014 The pain just got worse and worse and I became so so depressed . I began resting and staying off my foot almost full days from May to June showering everything was a huge problem and my fear of the injury was full blown, never having experienced something so unrelenting, debilitating and baffling in my life. towards the end of July I noticed minuscule improvement but it gave me a bit of hope, then in August a bit more, same scenarios each month thru November. I would have set backs during this time that lasted usually two weeks, and horrible knots in my calf from my muscle coming back from the atrophy of resting so long. I bought the rumble roller which helped a lot and stretching very carefully,but like I said I had set backs and with each one, I blamed myself for making the wrong choice of walking, turning or stretching a bit too much, this was a horrible feeling if you are experiencing this don’t blame your self it’s the nature of this injury it’s a bitch one false move and poof pain again it’s impossible to avoid every single little thing that sets it off. I am here to tell you to be kind to yourself and that with each month more improvement and with each set back gradually they became shorter, ie hurt it again pain back to where I was earlier in progress the lasted 2 weeks, then eventually pain only set me back 1 week ,then 3 or 2 days in February 2015, now hardly any set backs since early March just lots of ankle popping that actually produces relief when ankle gets tight sensation that cause moments of sharp pain, with rotation get pop and more range of motion. I can walkouts, do my job 12 hour shifts on feet, go to grocery store, stand and do laundry and dishes yes all things I could not do for months. It was awful and I’m sorry if you found this because you are experiencing this injury but there is hope and I wish I had found a post like this to know for fact that someone did recover despite it taking a long time they did recover and to give me hope when I felt I had none, but I had to just find out the hard way after over a year and two months that I know now I will eventually have my old functioning and life back to 100percent. Pointers: Be kind to yourself, don’t do things that hurt at all in physical therapy,pt therapist set me back a lot bc i trusted them and should have listened to myself and body, use rollers stretch carefully rest a lot in beginning it will save you prolonging your injury, ice and naproxen and volteren gel ultra sound and massage are your friend, if your physical therapist spends 10 min with you on exercises and then ice ditch them, go to someone who uses massage, Rolfing and their hands and ultrasound and ionphoresis. Stretch and do exercises at home on own where you are more likely to listen to your self and not overdo it bc someone is instructing you to do things you are not comfortable, such as wobble board if they bring this up walk out, if you did it already it’s ok you will eventually come back from your set backs. I got better you can too!

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