Prayer of An Injured Runner

Are you there (Running) God?  It’s me, Runnin-From-The-Law.

I’ve been a good Injured Runner.  I sought medical help.  I’ve iced.  I’ve advil’ed.  I haven’t run for THIRTEEN days.  I’ve worn The Boot faithfully for 10 days. I’ve taken up biking (with The Boot!) and water running.  I’ve followed my doctor’s advice to a T.

So please take it upon yourself to quickly heal me so I can run again.

I swear once I’m healed I’ll be a good runner.  I’ll follow The 10% rule.  I’ll warm up and cool down properly.  I’ll stretch.  I’ll cross train.  I’ll get more sleep.  I’ll take care of my body.  I’ll be healthy in other areas of my life that impact my running body.  I won’t overdo it.  I’ll only run two marathons a year.  I’ll make sure the bulk of my miles are easy miles.  I’ll be sensible about speed work.  

I swear once I’m healed I won’t complain about the weather conditions or the difficult terrain or silly little things like stomach issues during a run.  Because I would be running.  And running in humidity or in hills or with stomach issues is still running.  And running through the suck is better than not running at all.

Please, (Running) God, hurry up and heal me.  I’ve had enough.


One thought on “Prayer of An Injured Runner

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