Water running was a success!  As in:

  • I didn’t drown
  • I actually felt like I was getting a good workout in (45 minutes of it!)
  • I wasn’t bored (which surprised me – everyone talks about how boring it is; to me, it felt pretty darn close to really running and so I was happy!  Much happier than sitting on the trainer at home or doing pilates)

More random thoughts on water running:

  • I found myself holding my breath.  Must remember to breathe.
  • I’m pretty sure I looked like an idiot – but no one seemed to be watching me too closely.  The pool was mostly filled with kids and grandmas.
  • It was a great ALL OVER body workout.  My arms and whole upper body really felt it.
  • When I would stop thinking about technique, I found myself doing this odd cross between running and doggie paddling.  I think better technique will come with time.
  • It’s weird to get a good workout in but not be sweating.
  • Link to article by Pfitz with some interesting studies about how you can do 9 weeks of just water running and still be in as good of shape as when you stopped land running!

I’d still rather be real running.  I have an appointment with the doctor on Monday because she said to return when I can walk in the boot all day without pain and I’m on day number 5 of that.  Fingers crossed that I didn’t just jinx myself by putting that in writing!

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