Good Things!

Good things:

  • I got my sweat on today!  Woot!  Scott brought his trainer over and put my bike on it.  So for 31 glorious minutes, I sweated my ass off in my living room, on my road bike, with my boot on, without any leg pain.  It was great!  It is amazing how much better I feel about myself and life when I get a little endorphin fix every day.
  • I did pilates 6 times this week.  If I could control myself with the blizzards, you might actually be able to see abs.
  • My leg has felt fine in the boot (no pain) two different days.  Unfortunately not two days in a row.  Today.  And Friday.  Yesterday there was a little pain.  The doctor told me to come back and see her when I have no pain in the boot.  I guess I should have asked how many days in a row.  Fingers crossed it continues to improve.  Now that I have a sweat alternative, I should be able to deal with the boot and no running for a bit longer.

3 thoughts on “Good Things!

    1. Not yet. But I was just reading about it last week and plan to try it soon. The stuff I was reading made me wonder why I haven’t already been doing it as a supplemental workout to my normal road running – it sounds like SUCH a good workout and so good for you (easy on joints/pounding).

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