I want my normal Saturdays back.

Normal Saturday:  Wake at 5:00.  Coffee.  Run 15 – 20 miles.  Feel fabulous and productive rest of day.

Today:  Sleep til 8:30 (!).  Ice leg.  Coffee and omelette. Go to store and buy donut.  Ice leg while eating donut.  Take 2 hour nap.  Feel fat and lazy and crappy.



One thought on “I want my normal Saturdays back.

  1. Amy

    feel your pain. just took 5 days off running to attempt to heal a sore spot on my foot before it gets worse. very moody, but the feet liked. of course, I don’t have a boot, so I was doing lots of exercises/myrtls/and some biking.
    heal quickly and find your distraction!

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