Today I’m feeling:  bored, frustrated, mad, jealous.

I don’t like sleeping in late (5:30).  I don’t like sitting in a chair and elevating and icing my foot first thing in the morning instead of getting my sweat on.  I don’t like looking like a dork wearing The Boot in public.  I don’t like thinking twice about what I eat and weather it’s too many calories, given my lack of exercise.  I don’t like seeing my Facebook and Twitter feeds fill up with reports from everyone of all the running, biking, hiking, and sweating they are doing.  I don’t like feeling pain when I step down wrong on my left foot in The Boot.  I don’t like that it’s really hard to do anything around the house in The Boot, so I’m forced to sit.  I don’t like feeling my fitness slip away.


the boot stylishIf only The Boot came in bright pink.

3 thoughts on “Ugggggggg

  1. Anne

    I SO know what you’re going through. Like you, I was sidelined with PTT. I was miserable – physically and mentally. Unfortunately my injury triggered fibromyalgia, and not knowing what the pain was, I did nothing but lift for 10 months. Really, that was the roughest, darkest part of my life! Getting the fibro diagnosis was a huge relief and I’ve worked very hard to run
    again. Hang in there 🙂

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