Twin Cities Marathon Training, Week #2 Recap

Wow – that week FLEW by!

This weekend was SO fun spectating Scott’s 100 mile mountain bike race.  Watching that made running a marathon seem easy!  They were working their butts off biking up crazy hills, through icky deep mud and over some technical terrain for 8 hours.  Looked SO hard!  But if was very fun to spectate and watch the range of emotions on the bikers as they journeyed through 100 miles.  Very cool.

Scott biking


scott biking2

Twin Cities Training week #2 Recap:

Summary:  57 miles running


  • M: 10 miles (9:28)
  • T: 12 miles (8:54; w/ middle 6 being progression down to MP)
  • W: 8 miles (9:38)
  • Th: 11 miles (8:46) w/ 6 x 30 second build ups
  • F: 16.2 miles (8:37)
  • Sa: rest
  • Su: rest

Random thoughts about week #2 of training:

  • I totally had to flip flop days around b/c of my long weekend/vacation schedule.
  • I ended up skipping a 10 mile easy run today because vacation/drive back/life didn’t allow it.  I felt a little guilty, but figure when I’m just starting the training plan like this, an extra rest day isn’t a bad thing.  It IS pretty intense with mileage and even with only 5 days of running I hit 57 miles, so it’s good.
  • With the flip flopping I also skipped strides.  Need to remember to add those in.
  • My paces this week on the easy and recovery miles felt like they needed to be this slow – partly cause of heat, partly cause of the intensity of the plan – so I just went with it and let myself run ultra slow.
  • My long run kicked a$$. It was supposed to be on the moderate side of easy pace.  It didn’t feel moderate – it felt really easy.  Woot!  Probably because I was running up north – in cool temps and away from the crazy heat.
  • No time for pilates, but did random core stuff.
  • Eating and drinking were crappy.  Uggg.  Will try to turn that around this week.

Week #3 brings some new stuff with training – speed, MP miles and a longer run.  Wheeeee!


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