And That’s a Wrap: Week #1 TCM training recap

Week #1 of Twin Cities Marathon training is in the books!

Summary: 67.5 miles running; pilates twice


  • M: 10.8 (9:06) w/ 6 x 10 second strides near end
  • T: 10.2 (8:52) w/ 2 x 10 second strides near end
  • W: 12 miles w/ 12 x 400m at 5k (6:55-7:00) w/ 400m jog between
  • Th: pilates
  • F: 8 recovery (9:24)
  • Sa: 10.4 miles (8:50) w/ 6 x 30 second build ups towards end; pilates
  • Su: 16 miles (8:52)

Random thoughts about Week #1 of the Hansons 16 week 65 – 80 miles/week plan so far:

  • The mileage felt very manageabale – I think because I’d been doing alot of midweek 10 milers for the previous month of basebuilding.
  • I really focused on keeping my easy miles easy pace.  There were many miles that I could have pushed it, but I forced myself to slow down, reminding myself of the physical benefits that come from easy miles and that I need the miles to be easy in order to handle the higher mileage.
  • This week was crazy with storms and humidity.  With these higher mile runs, if I don’t get them done in the morning, it’s gonna be SO much harder.
  • I did another “cleanse” week.  Zero alcohol and ate relatively well  and limited treat intake a bit (only 1 blizzard, 1 root beer float, 1 dilly bar and about 50 peanut butter m&m’s)
  • I didn’t like saving the long run until Sunday, but that’s how the life schedule worked out.

Coming up:  Week #2, which looks very much like week #1 but with a progression run instead of intervals.  Wheeee!

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