If Not Now, Then When?

if not now

Stumbled on this quote today.  Love it.  It pretty much sums up the way I’ve felt about important/major things in my life the last several years – work changes, relationship changes, even taking the plunge to run my first marathon.  But it also reminds me about the way I’ve felt about the little things in my life (which I’ve come to realize are arguably just as important as the major things in life, if not more so) the past several months.  Making sure my kids know I love them no matter what.  Reaching out to friends and loved ones who are struggling. Forgiving. Moving on.  Being at peace. Doing small things to take away stress from my clients. Going for a run even when life seems too busy to do so.  Being more patient with the kids.

I’ve also thought about the quote “If not now, then when?” lately in the context of Zach Sobeich – the 18 year old from Stillwater, MN who died last month after suffering from osteosarcoma for just a few years.  I said it before, but I love his song Clouds, which he wrote as a way to express himself to his girlfriend Amy.  If you haven’t watched it, do yourself a favor and watch the Clouds video on YouTube. Wow!  It’s up to 7 million views on You Tube! I downloaded Clouds from iTunes the week he died and played it over and over, and literally would tear up (and, no, I didn’t know him personally) and need to turn the song off because it was so sad to me that someone so young, and with such promise, could die.  Since then, it’s become one of my favorite songs and I don’t think of it with sadness so much as I think of it as inspirational and a reminder that life is short and we need to embrace it.   I actually made it as my alarm on my phone and so the chimes and words by Zach wake me up every day.  They remind me to embrace life.  They remind me to live by “If not now, then when?”


Ok – this is a running blog.  What does any of this have to do with running?  Nothing, really. Except that these are the sorts of things I think about when I’m running.  And I have been LOVING my running the past months.  I’m super excited about training for Twin Cities.  Day 2 of training is in the books – another easy paced 10 miler providing lots of thinking time.  Speedier stuff tomorrow.  Wheeeeee!

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