Thursday Thoughts: FINALLY feels like summer edition

Random Thursday Thoughts:

  • It FINALLY feels like summer, which made working from home fun today because I got out for a 20 mile ride in the sun for my morning work break.  Wheeee!
  • I’m in my last week of slacking off before Twin Cities Marathon training begins on Monday.  Truthfully, I’ve been loving my “slacking” this time around because it’s been high mileage (but low intensity) slacking.  I’ve basically been running when I feel like it (which has been almost all the time) and forcing myself to rest every so often.  Weekly mileage since Boston has been: 37, 39, 53, 57, 56, 50, 63 and this week will be around 50.  So I’d say the base is sufficiently built!
  • How do teenagers thrive eating just processed food and sugar?  I’ve started offering to make smoothies for the kids and I throw in healthy stuff and blend it up when they aren’t looking, in an effort to not have them eat pure crap 24/7.
  • Speaking of diet, guess who’s been eating (and NOT drinking) much better??  Yep.  Did a one week total cleanse (from red wine and beer) at the end of May.  And since then I’ve only had a glass or two each week.  Total. 🙂  And I’ve been eating better.  Result:  I’ve lost 8 pounds since Boston and, more importantly, I FEEL a lot better.  I know I didn’t need to lose weight, but I did need to improve the eating habits.  Baby steps.

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