Living the Dream

A running friend who I haven’t heard from for awhile emailed this week to check in.  He closed with “Hope you are living the dream and have a great week.”  I loved hearing this – because before I heard from him I had been in one of my type A moods:  I’d been looking ahead – to things that I wanted to happen with my work, my kids, my running and my personal life – and I’d been trying to figure out how to make everything that I wanted, that I think “should be”, a reality.  And frankly, it was stressing me out.

So when I read “Hope you are living the dream”, I paused and thought about it and realized I AM living the dream.  I have a super flexible job that allows me to be with my kids and to run when I want/need to.  I have my own business and it pretty much pays the bills.  I have Scott in my life (one year anniversary tomorrow!) and he is who I want to spend the rest of my life with.  The kids are in a good phase (i.e. healthy, no major teenage drama issues).  And it is finally summer in Minnesota (and even though the weather has sucked in terms of traditional summer activities, it’s been awesome for running).  Next time I get ahead of myself and try to make EVERYTHING I want happen, someone remind me to slow down and take stock, because I likely already am living the dream.

Lola’s half marathon was today.  I was pleased with it!  I wasn’t going to race it because I’ve been doing relatively high mileage base building and so I wasn’t tapered at all (plus it’s a really hilly course and – frankly – I didn’t want to HURT!).  So my plan was to just do it as a strong training run.  Ended up with 16.6 miles total, with the hilly race being at 8:05 pace.  Effort wise it felt like a tough training run.  Although I was winded at the top of a couple hills, it definitely didn’t feel like race effort.  So I feel like I’m in good shape heading into Twin Cities training on June 17th.  Wheeee!

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