Star Spectators!

I had a blast spectating the Med City Marathon with Scott this weekend.  It is such a different – and fun – experience!  Much less painful that running 26.2! 🙂  We watched our friends Shelly and Mike run it.  Mike was trying to pace Shelly to her first BQ.  Success!  She kicked ass, running 2 minutes 10 seconds below her Boston time!  Med City was a very low budget event, without much in the way of crowd support – so we managed to make it to 6 different places on the course and they saw us every time.

The CRAZIEST thing happened at the end of the race.  Shelly and Mike were literally 400 meters from the finish line, on pace to be minutes under her first BQ time, when a FRICKING TRAIN came – across the race course – and they had to stop!  Seriously!  We could see them approaching the tracks.  And see the train coming.  And then seeing them have to stop – My heart was breaking for her when the seconds and minutes were passing and the train kept on going.  Uggggg.  It finally cleared out of there and a whole pack of runners literally sprinted for the finish line, trying to make up the lost time.  Thank goodness the race directors did the right thing and knocked the lost time off their chip time.  BQ!

med city sign


med city


Looking strong at mile 20 – in the rain


med city afterBoston Smiles!



My running has been so great lately.  It’s all felt really good and been REALLY REALLY needed to balance out life stress.   Still just building a big base of easy miles (though mixed in a tiny bit of speedier stuff this week, just to mix things up a bit) until Twin Cities training kicks off in June.  Though I will confess that after watching Shelly BQ this weekend, I was tempted to find an earlier fall marathon and get another BQ so I could run Boston with her!




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