It’s Time To Stop My Whining


I have been doing some major whining lately.  To myself and my loved ones.  Because I have a lot of crap going on.  A lot of stuff that isn’t fun.  That seems overwhelming.  That is stressful.  Blah. Blah. Blah.

Today, as I scan Twitter and the internet, I read about:

  • the deaths and devastation from the tornado in Moore, Oklahoma.  Heartbreaking.
  • a beheading in London.  Crazy.
  • the death of a local 4th grader in a rock/mud slide during a field trip to a local park – and one of the other students is still missing and presumably buried under sand (can you imagine sending your kid off to an end of the year field trip and he doesn’t come home??).  So so tragic.
  • the death of Minnesota native 18 year old viral singing sensation Zach Sobiech after a 3 year battle with osteosarcoma (so so sad, but so inspiring that he had a positive outlook and such a catchy tune!).  Heartbreaking.

And when I read these things, I am reminded that my problems are just little bumps in the road.  They are not tragic.  Or heartbreaking.  Or crazy.  I will get through them.

Although I could – and do – look at my life and think that there are things – tangible and intangible – that I would like.  Really, if I look closer, I have everything that I need.  And that’s a good place to be.  I have two healthy kids who are growing up into young adults.  I am 41 and still have both of my parents – alive and healthy and watching/experiencing what I imagine they worked their whole lives for: retirement so they could hang out and enjoy each other, their friends, their kids and their grandkids.  I keep in touch with both my siblings, although admittedly not enough.  After 40 years of living I finally met the person that I want to spend the rest of my life with.  I truly think the stars aligned for Scott and I to find each other and our future together is bright.  I have a dog who wags her tail and generally freaks out (in a good way) every time she sees me.  I have a job that pays (most of) the bills and that I enjoy (how many people can say that??).  And I can RUN.

So really, what more could I possibly need?  And what could I really have to whine about?

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