Thursday Thoughts: Thinking More About Boston Edition

Random Thursday Thoughts:

  • Wondering about the stories about the Boston Marathon victims who were injured?  Who they are? Why they were there at the Finish Line?  What they suffered through and how they are doing?  Read this article from the Washington Post which is both sad and inspiring.
  • One of the runners who wasn’t able to finish the marathon (there were 5700 who couldn’t finish) has started a petition to get BAA and the cities the marathon runs through to expand the field to allow the 5700 runners who didn’t finish to run next year.  Go here and sign the petition in support of allowing the runners to finish in 2014 – it only takes a minute.  Personally, I think that if BAA doesn’t expand the field to allow more runners that THESE 5700 should be given first priority to register and then all other qualified runners should get their turn.  Why?  Because they were cheated out of the best part of the marathon – crossing the finish line.  They are also – in all likelihood – the charity runners and slower runners who just barely qualified.  So realistically they won’t get another chance.  They are like every one else who ran in 2013 – working their asses off to get there – either by running fast or raising a ton of money for charity.  They deserve to experience crossing the finish line.  I think about myself and how mad and cheated I would have felt if I was stopped 1/2 a mile from the finish line and told I couldn’t finish.   (I’m sure they are mixed feeling – probably feeling guilty about thinking like that when people lost limbs and lives.  But still – the Boston Marathon is a once in a lifetime dream for so many runners.  They deserve to be able to do it again and finish.)
  • I’m figuring out some stuff that has been dragging me down for over a year.  It feels good.
  • It’s May 9th.  I had to drag out my winter jacket, gloves and a wool blanket to watch my son’s baseball game this afternoon.  WTF?!?
  • Donut run Saturday.  Yum!

One thought on “Thursday Thoughts: Thinking More About Boston Edition

  1. Tom (Dad)

    Your idea for the 5,700 being the FIRST to be accepted in 2014 is a good one, you should propose it .

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