Free = The Best



Someone reminded me today that the best things in life are free.  So true.

Free stuff that has been THE BEST this week:

  • Sleeping with the windows open (FINALLY!) and being woken up by birds chirping;
  • Running in shorts and a t-shirt at 5:00 a.m. and sweating (FINALLY!)*
  • Reading the messages the kids wrote on Grandma’s Mother’s Day card.  Loved it.
  • Watching how excited Norah gets to go on walks, now that the weather is warm.  (Is anyone sensing a theme here?  Life is so good in Minnesota when it warms up.  Remind me why I live here when it’s only warm for 4-5 months a year!)

*Though technically my Lulu shorts are quite expensive!  But still, you know what I mean.


I was asked to speak next week to my Rotary Club about my experience at the Boston Marathon.  Since Rotary is a service organization, they want me to focus a bit on the good acts, positive things that I observed or that happened after the bombings.  We all read about things like runners zipping to Boston hospitals to give blood, ordinary people stopping to help save the wounded, the Boston One Fund being established, Adidas donating the proceeds of the Boston Stands As One shirts to the Boston One Fund, etc.

But I’m interested in finding out more “good” that came out of the aftermath of the bombings.  Does anyone have specific examples of things people did in their community or that you heard about online?  For example, my local running community held a fundraiser/run where people could come and walk or run around a 1.5 mile loop in a local park – with the proceeds all going to the One Fund.  Let me know if people heard of cool things being done to help out.

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