Thursday Thoughts: May (snow) Showers Edition

Random Thursday Thoughts:

  • Seriously?  It’s May 2nd and on my run at noon I wore my warm tights, a long sleeve tech shirt, a windbreaker, ear warmers and gloves.  What’s up Minnesota?
  • I dislike not being in marathon training.  I feel so undisciplined.  My runs are just random.  I like structure.  I LOVE being in training.  Counting down the days til my plan kicks off on June 3rd!
  • I’m SUPER excited about my Twin Cities Marathon training plan.  Stay tuned.
  • Sometimes things that seem sucky end up having a point and making things better than ever.  Huh?  Nevermind.
  • My daughter is speedy!  She lettered in the 800m today in track with a 5:17ish pace.  Girl’s got kick.  So excited for her!
  • Confession:  My bike is ready to roll, but I am super nervous to ride it.  I know I need to suck it up and just ride – and will love it again once I do.  But I stopped so early last year (early September) that all I can seem to remember are the 4 falls I had.  Must quit being a baby and just ride.
  • Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon Sunday.  Who’s running?

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