Why I Run

peace love run

Ask any marathoner why they run and most of them will tell you something along the lines of “To improve my time, my personal record.  Because it’s a challenge.  It forces me to focus on something and be dedicated and prove to myself that I can do it.”  Blah. Blah. Blah.

That is – of course – why I also run marathons.

But put all that aside and really the reason that I love to run is because with every step I take I can escape.  I can lose myself.  I am lighter.  My worries are suspended.  I am happy.  I am free.  I am at peace.

I hadn’t necessarily planned on running so soon after Boston – but I have needed to run this week.  And the 45 – 50 minutes I’ve run each day has brought me the peace that I’ve needed.

Deep breaths.

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