Speedy Boston!

After touring the course via bus today and really seeing that 26.2 miles is a really fricking long way to go, I’m mixed about whether I want it to SPEED by or go ULTRA SLOW so that I can savor every second.’

After dinner tonight I “ran” the course on some stairs on the way home from dinner.  Thankfully after a couple glasses of wine there were no falls. 🙂

2012-04-12 07.25.56 2012-04-12 07.27.23 2012-04-12 07.27.29 2012-04-12 07.27.34 2012-04-12 07.27.39 2012-04-12 07.29.13 2012-04-12 07.29.18 2012-04-12 07.29.23 2012-04-12 07.29.32 2012-04-12 07.29.37


This has been THE BEST couple days ever. 🙂

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