Thoughts on Two of Kind: Shalane and Kara

Have you seen the Two of a Kind video series from Runners World with Kara Goucher and Shalane Flanagan?  Definitely worth a watch.  I like the 2nd, 3rd and 4th videos where they are discussing their training and racing and BOSTON!  Kara and Shalane are two inspiring, dedicated female athletes.

My take-aways from the videos:

  • Training partners/groups are fabulous and can push you to another level. Kara talked about how switching to her new coach and training with Shalane has pushed her so much, made her a better, more competitive athlete because she never would have done some of the workouts as hard as she did, pushed herself as far as she did, without Shalane. I found that to be true when I started training with the Lifetime group a year and a half ago. They inspired me. And pushed me. And ultimately made me a better, more competitive & faster athlete – as far as middle aged, middle of the packers go! 🙂
  • They both have some serious abs!  Holy crap.  Of course, I bet they can’t indulge in peanut butter bacon burgers and beer on Mondays like I do. 🙂  I’m just not willing to sacrifice certain things for defined abs. 🙂
  • They both see a life for themselves beyond running.  I get that it’s different for elites like them – where running IS your life.  But still.  I love that Kara has plans for a women’s running group/clinic (?) in the not so distant future.  Good for her.  And they both have plans for more little Gouchers and little Flanagans in the not so distant future.  Good for them. Because running rocks and having a running group/clinic would be fabulous too – but the best, most rewarding (and by far the most challenging) thing ever is having your own family.

I’ll be rooting for Shalane and Kara – who will be crossing the finish line when I’m only about 10 miles in to my first Boston!  I’ll be sure to stop at Boston College and raise a beer to them! 🙂

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