Thursday Thoughts: Red Wine Edition

Random Thursday Thoughts:

  • Why does red wine have to taste so good?
  • 5ks suck.  They hurt.  But I’m thinking of focusing on shorter stuff after Boston until early July and then just doing a 12 week training plan for Twin Cities.  Especially after reading this article today:  Go Short from Runners World.  Plus, if I focus on shorter stuff, I’ll be able to spend more time doing fun summer stuff like cycling and drinking cold beer and eating delicious dairy queen blizzards, instead of spending hours running a gazillion miles.
  • Despite the foregoing – I’m halfway thinking that I should take up ultra running.  Why? Because my eating is OUT OF CONTROL.  So I might need extra miles to keep off the extra pounds.
  • I talked with a friend today about her challenges with weaning her 3 year old from his nuk.  Those days seem like SO long ago.   Cliche coming up here:  Where did the years go?  Seriously.
  • I love that my 15 year old texted me at 10:00 this morning and told me that she just got back from a run – on her spring break when it was 15 degrees outside.  Love it.
  • Why does red wine have to taste so good? 🙂

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