F*@K Mother Nature


Happy Spring (?)!

It sure doesn’t feel like the first day of spring when our temps are single digits in the morning with double digit BELOW zero windchills.  Ugggg.  I have been super crabby the past few days and I have NO doubt that it is, in part, due to this sucky weather.  It’s funny, I can tolerate this type of weather in December and January and even February because it’s expected.  But when this crap happens at the end of March – in SPRING – I am not happy.  It makes me angry, actually.

So today after days of treadmill and/or skipping my run, I said NO MORE to Mother Nature.  Cold or not, I’m running.  Outside.  I can’t handle the treadmill.  And my body can’t handle not running – it makes me crabby and flabby when I don’t run.  So today I laced up the shoes and ran 8 miles with 4 x 800m at about 10k pace OUTSIDE, with temp of 15 and a windchill of 2 degrees.  But it felt fabulous.  It instantly lifted my spirits.  It made everything else that seems to be falling apart feel a tiny bit less sucky.

Deep breaths.

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