Let the Boston Training Begin!

The first run back after a marathon is usually such a mixed bag for me.  I look forward to it, but I’m also nervous about it – nervous that things will feel off or I’ll be hurt from the marathon.  I’m happy to say that I finished my first run back today and it felt good!  Legs and body felt fine -no injuries and no residual marathon soreness.  The only issue was that I was winded because I’ve packed on the pounds. 🙂

I typically take a week off after a marathon and stay up late, go to happy hour, eat crap food, drink too much wine and basically be a big fat lazy slug.  Recovery from Phoenix was no exception.  I literally didn’t do any physical activity Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.  I also literally started EVERY morning this week with an apple fritter from Caribou and a latte.  Nothing like consuming 800+ calories before 7:00 a.m.  And my adult beverage intake this week?  Let’s just say that I hope my neighbors don’t look in my recycling bin – they may stage an intervention.

But, the good news is that I am officially SICK of treats and booze and being lazy.  So I began my come-back yesterday with some cycling and walking and then ran 6 recovery paced miles today.  And I also calendared my training schedule that will get me to the starting line of Hopkinton!  Woot!   I know all my Phoenix training will flow right into Boston training, and likely benefit me, but it seems odd to be starting Week #1 of Boston training when the race is 37 days away!  Yikes!  Only 37 days!  Let the training begin! 🙂

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