Thursday Thoughts: 26.2 Miles Here I Come Edition

Random Thursday Thoughts:

  • I am SO pysched to be heading to Phoenix to run 26.2.  Of course I’m hoping for the stars to align and me to have a fabulous race.  But even if they don’t align, I’ll be running another marathon – and that’s something.
  • Searches that led people to my blog this week:  “Phoenix Marathon elite” (ha hah ha.  Being COACHED by an elite doesn’t quite make me elite.  But a girl can dream); “Mother-In-Law Naked” (what’s wrong with you people?); “f bomb paperweight” (yep, they exist and I have one; thanks Mindi!); “treasure what you have” (I do.  Every single day.)
  • I love this post by Mindi on Salty Running about the Boston Marathon.  Why?  Because it confirmed in my mind that my goal of running my first Boston for FUN is right (for me).  I don’t want to run by Fenway and not notice it.  Stay tuned for a MAJOR increase in my Boston blogging after I get this other marathon done with!
  • My thoughts on the Chicago Marathon registration cluster f$*k:  Relax.  There are other marathons.
  • I can’t wait to cross this bad boy and get myself a celebration ale:

Phoenix finish line

4 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts: 26.2 Miles Here I Come Edition

  1. Hey thanks for the shout outs (both!) – I totally thought of you when I was writing my Boston post. I think you have the perfect attitude. I’ve never been capable of running a marathon for fun (other than the 2 I did right after I went back to work and hadn’t trained so I really had no choice). When I go to Boston (and also when I run New York), I WILL do it for fun. I swear I will even if it kills me. 🙂 BTW were you planning to register for Chicago again? I decided not to since I’ve done it so many times and it is not one I can bring my boys to. I am thinking about Milwaukee Lakefront. Want to join me?

  2. Mint

    Oh – and kick some ass in Phoenix! I’ll be tracking you and cheering you on from WI. Have lots of fun escaping this crazy weather too!

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