Taper = Training

Taper is hard work.

It’s HARD to relax, sleep in on a Saturday and only run for 90 minutes.  Seriously.  I feel more at ease when I’m going, going, going.  When I’m sitting around – relaxing – I feel guilty and lazy.  Call me Type A.

So this past week – when my total mileage has only been 33 miles – I’ve been trying to look at taper – at relaxing – differently.  And my new and improved taper-mindset is working.  I’m trying to look at taper as training.  Instead of looking at is as cutting back and a license to eat and drink like a pig and be lazy, I’m looking at it as a time to repair my muscles from the beating they’ve taken the last 14 weeks.  I’m making a conscious effort to NOT go crazy with projects and house cleaning and things that are on my to-do list, which I now have extra time for.  Instead, I’m making an effort to take more epsom baths, do foam rolling, sleep more and – gasp – just kick my feet up and read a book.  All with the mindset that it’s not laziness – it’s training.  I’m trying to rest the legs, body and mind so that I get spring in my step and focus my mind.

6 more days of training.

Phoenix Marathon Week 15 recap

Miles run: 33.6

Pilates: 3 times


  • M: 50 minutes running (about 5.25 miles); pilates
  • T: pilates
  • W: 6 miles (9:00)
  • Th: 7.8 miles (8:12) w/ 2 miles (7:40), 2 x 1 mile (7:28; 7:23); 4 x 200 (6:00 pace)
  • F: 5 miles (9:49)
  • Sa: 90 minutes (9.55 miles at 9:26)
  • Su: REST

6 days til Race Day!

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