On Being a Marathoning Mom

The only things certain in life are death, taxes and that a sick child wants his mom.

Or something like that.

Today dawned bright and sunny and COLD.  -15 windchill.  No worries.  I had big plans to work from home, fuel properly and wait til it warmed up to double digits to run (and nail) what was pretty much my last speedy stuff before the Phoenix Marathon next week.

Those plans went out the window when a call showed up on my phone late morning from the School Nurse.  Uh oh.  So here’s a true confession for you:  When I heard my 13 year old son’s tired, weak voice on the phone saying he didn’t feel good and asking if I could come and get him, my first reaction wasn’t “Ohhhh, the poor baby.”  It was something along the lines of, “Oh no – please don’t let him bring sick germs into my house and get me sick before the marathon.”  Bad mom, I know.

So I got him from school.  And he slept.  And I ate.  And I watched the minutes tick by.  And I knew that my plans for a kick-ass speed workout were shot.  Another true confession:  I briefly debated putting a bucket by his sleeping head and leaving a note on it saying “I’m running far and fast.  I’ll be home in 90 minutes. If you puke, please make sure to puke in the bucket and clean up after yourself.  Love, Mom”.

But I didn’t.  Because there is one thing I love more than marathoning.  And that’s being a mom.  And there are just certain times when being a mom is more important than marathon training.  Tending to sick kids is one of those times – especially when the sick kid is a teenager who very rarely wants/needs his mom anymore.

So I didn’t do my kick ass speed workout today.*  And you know what?  That’s fine with me.  Am I going to miss my goal time next week because of it?  I seriously doubt it.  But if I do, it was worth it.  Because there is nothing more important to this marathoning mom than being a mom and taking care of my kids.

*Lest any of you readers consider nominating me for sainthood or Mom-of-the-Year, I should disclose that I DID run – outside – while my sick kid slept. 🙂 But I ran close by and with my phone on in case he woke and needed me.

3 thoughts on “On Being a Marathoning Mom

  1. I’m not a mom, but this is a very cool post that I wish lots of other moms would read and learn from…
    Kick ass next week!

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