Phoenix Marathon Training, Week #14

This was a fabulous week of training.  3 weeks out from the marathon is usually taper.  And, in a sense, this was a cut back in that the workouts themselves didn’t have the volume that I’ve been doing.  But overall mileage was still about 90% of max.  And it was actually MORE miles than I ran last week because last week I took two rest days because sleeping late in Florida one morning sounded more enticing than running 8 miles. 🙂

I have to say that I loved this week of workouts though.  I nailed the paces and mileage on everything and – most importantly – it felt freaking fantastic.

The workout of the week was today’s 12 miler.  It doesn’t look that challenging on paper.  But I did a 6 mile out and back and the back was in to 18 mph headwind and then the last 2 miles, where I was supposed to go 7:35 pace, was a combo of 18 mph headwind/cross wind along with a 1/2 mile  gradual uphill at a decent incline.  So even though my pace was 7:38 in the last mile, Strava’s grade adjusted pace said 7:18.  So basically, I kicked ass! 🙂

So I’d say that taper really starts NOW.  13 days to get the legs rested and springy feeling.

Phoenix Marathon Training, Week #14 Recap:

  • Miles Run: 52.5
  • Pilates: FIVE times!  Yes, you read that right. I am ultra flexible with abs of steel.  Sort of.


  • M: 6 miles (9:30); pilates
  • T: 7 miles (9:30)
  • W: 7.6 miles (8:27) w/ 3 x 1 mile (6:55; 6:50; 6:45); pilates
  • Th: pilates
  • F:  6 miles (8:29) w/ Deek 200s; pilates
  • Sa: 14 miles (8:22) w/ middle 10 at 8:10 – 8:20
  • Su: 12 miles (8:34) with last 2 at 7:40ish; pilates

13 days til race day!  Yipee!


Side note:  I have to say that I think shaking hands to greet one another in church should be BANNED.  Really.  It’s such a germ-spreader.  Our church never does it.  Except today. 2 weeks out from my marathon, when I’m trying to avoid germs and the pastor announces that we will all turn to one another and greet eachother.  UGGGGG.  I’m sure I didn’t make any friends when I shook hands with 4 people with a big sneer and look of disgust and fear on my face.  Lesson learned:  I’m not going to church anymore during taper. 😉

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