Back from R&R (and phoenix week #13 recap)


I’m usually one of those “scheduled” vacationers who can’t totally relax and has activities planned, dinner reservations, tours scheduled, etc.

Not this time.  This time I was a relaxed vacationer.  And it was seriously THE BEST vacation I’ve ever had.  Recap of my last 4 days:  Arrive in warm sunny Florida. Eat. Drink. Run. Pool. Nap. Eat. Drink. Run. Beach. Nap. Eat. Drink. Run. Pool. Nap. Fly back to cold, snowy Minnesota.

florida 2


Phoenix Marathon Week #13 Training Recap:

Miles Run:  46.5

Pilates: Twice


  • M: 6.6 miles (9:34); pilates
  • T: pilates
  • W: 9.1 miles (8:57) w/ 10 x 200m
  • Th: 7.1 miles (9:24)
  • F: 14.2 miles (8:13) w/ 2 x 5.5 miles at 7:50ish
  • Sa: 10 miles (9:05)
  • Su: rest again! 🙂

19 days til Race Day!

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