Phoenix Marathon Training, Week #12 Recap

This week started out great and ended great and sucked in the middle.  I’m starting to get worn down from the grind of training.  Not so much from the miles themselves – they seem very manageable – but from doing the miles in the cold.  Florida could not come at a much more needed time!  About 30 of my miles this week will be in the sun, without double layers of clothing. Yipee!

Phoenix Marathon Training, Week #12 recap

Miles Run: 64.4

Pilates: 4 times!  Yipee!


  • M: 10.4 miles (9:07) (w/ 3 strides); pilates
  • T: 10 miles (8:51) (awesome feeling run!); pilates
  • W: 8 miles (8:51) (on TM, with hills); pilates
  • Th: rest
  • F: 6 miles (8:58) (on TM – so fricking boring)
  • Sa: 20 miles (9:35)
  • Su: 10 miles (9:10); pilates

27 days til race day!

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