Getting It Done In The Cold

Judging from the recent searches on my blog, there are lots of runners on the brink of breaking from the crazy cold and wintery weather Mother Nature is throwing our way. (“It’s so cold in Minnesota signs”; “bitching about the cold”; “cold weather run comic”).

Me too.

Here’s what’s getting me through Minnesota winter marathon training:

  • I’m going on vacation to Florida next week, so FOUR of my runs will be in shorts and a tank.
  • Downhill marathons.  The fact both my spring marathons (phoenix and Boston) have downhills is saving me.  Why?  Because the icy streets and bitter cold have forced me indoors on the dreaded treadmill more often than I’d like (I think 5 times in the past 11 weeks, which is ALOT for me – I HATE the treadmill).  And the only way that I can tolerate the treadmill is by telling myself that downhill on the treadmill is NECESSARY for Phoenix and Boston training, so that my quads start getting used to the pounding.
  • Having BOSTON be the ending to my winter/spring training.  When I start to get tired with the early morning cold miles I just think about Boston – which I’ve been working towards for five years – and that motivates me to get the run done.  Phoenix is my short term/race goal.  But Boston is what it’s all about for me.  And thinking about it pushes me out the door.
  • Having two winter/spring marathons to train for.  Might sound counter-intuitive, but having two marathons actually seems to help me.  I’m looking forward to RACING in Phoenix, but I’m also looking forward to getting away to Phoenix for a break from the Minnesota cold.  I figure by the time I’m back and recovered (I always take a full week off of running post-marathon), the crazy cold and ice will need to be done right??
  • A speedy goal time for Phoenix. 🙂

Anyone have anything fun that’s getting them through the winter training?

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