Just call me The Postman

I’m like the Postman – there isn’t any weather that will keep me from getting the job done.*

Facebook and twitter and the radio and newspapers were all FILLED with Minnesotans talking about how cold it was today.  The weather people were calling it “dangerously” cold and warning of frost bite occurring within minutes.  Well, the way I saw it today, I had two choices:  Run outside (-11 temp, with -33 windchill) or don’t run (I didn’t have a treadmill option today).  As I was listening/reading this cold weather talk and making my choice – I did think of my BFF’s Adam and Tim and their talk about the line between Tough and Stupid.  I didn’t want to run if doing so would jeopardize my safety or injure me.  Running is too important to me. But I DO have a marathon to race in just 6 weeks.  So I did what anyone training for two spring marathons would do – I chose running.   I just bundled up!


I’m under there somewhere!  The band on my forehead is light pink, it’s not my skin.  The only tiny bit of skin that was exposed was the bridge of my nose. I debated wearing ski goggles so that even that wouldn’t be exposed. 🙂 While I was running I had visions of that little patch of skin getting frost bitten and turning black and dying.  Blech.  I had on THREE layers of everything.  And after about a mile, I was seriously sweating my ass off.  It really wasn’t that bad – especially because the sun was out.  I had planned on 8 – 10 miles, but ended up stopping after 5 because I felt so HEAVY from all the layers of clothing.  (Though, I did start to freak myself out and think that maybe my body was feeling heavy because it had frozen solid and I was going to collapse and die on the side of the road.  Dramatic, I know).  Anyway – it’s all good.  I’m alive and well.  No decayed, frost bitten skin.  No aches, no pains. 🙂

And I wasn’t the only nut case out there today.  I saw two other runners and my daughter’s nordic ski team did a time trial in what she called “a million degrees below zero”.  Those crazy high school kids.

*Only today, the post man didn’t get the job done.  But that would be because of MLK day, not because of the 30 below windchill.

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