Thursday Thoughts: January Chill Edition

Random Thursday Thoughts:

  • The weather gods are forecasting below zero temps for the high on Monday.  Whose still running outside with me???  As long as it’s not icy, a little cold doesn’t bother me.
  • Life got hard all the sudden.  I hate seeing people I love struggle. 
  • Running on a treadmill in a normal bra (as opposed to a sport bra) is interesting. But it’s better than skipping a workout because I didn’t pack appropriately! 🙂
  • My training plan has been SO different than what I’ve done in the past.  It makes it SO much easier to get out the door in the freezing cold when it’s not the same old.
  • I’m loving exploring running routes around the new house.  It’s so much hillier!  Good strength training.
  • There will be plenty of F-bombs in my workout tomorrow.  5 x 2.5 miles.  Yikes!
  • Did anyone see that one of my Besties got married?  Such a romantic wedding!
  • What Fall marathons are people doing?  I’m leaning towards Twin Cities because it will be less expensive than traveling and because I love it!

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