Phoenix Marathon Week #9 recap

Phoenix Marathon Week #9 Recap

I’m feeling good about where my running is at.  Need to spend the next few weeks getting back into pilates and core stuff though.  I’ve been slacking in that department.  Could blame it on the fact that my DVD player isn’t hooked up from the move.  But then my daughter reminded me I could just play it on my laptop.  So no more excuses this week.

Miles Run: 59.1  (I was tempted to go .9 more, just to get to 60, but it would just be to SOUND cooler and the schedule today only said 10)


  • M: 6 miles (9:04)
  • T: 10.5 miles (9:02) w/ strides
  • W: 13.5 miles (8:20) w/ 10 miles of 8:20/7:50 alternating
  • Th: 8 miles (9:24)
  • F: 11.1 miles (8:54) w/ 10x200m (6:02 – 6:26)
  • Sa: rest
  • Su: 10 miles (8:55)

Focus this week will be on pilates and nutrition (promise!).

48 days til race day!

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