Slow is the New Fast

Catchy title, huh?

“Slow is the New Fast” pretty much sums up my running this training cycle.  Not crazy slow, like that time I first started low heart rate training and my miles were literally 10, 11 and 12 minute miles (so basically walking/crawling).  But slow.  Like 1:15 – 2:15 slower than goal marathon pace.  When coach first told me that my easy and recovery runs (including all warm ups and cool downs) would be this slow, I thought it would feel like a shuffle and be awkward and hard to run those paces.  But they feel good.  With the higher mileage I’m putting in, I feel like I NEED to run slow to keep healthy and get through the runs.  The good news is that when I’m told to do speed work, the legs still remember how to run fast. 🙂

“Slow is the New Fast” also pretty much sums up my attitude towards life this new year, in my new house.  I have SUCH a crazy amount of stuff to do – with the house, with running, with work, with the kids – that part of me (the old, Type A part) thinks I should run around like a crazy person and cross off at least 100 items from my to-do list every day.  But I’m not doing that.  I’m doing things slowly, deliberately.  I’ve been unpacking things a few boxes/closets at a time and then I’ve been stopping for the day and kicking up my feet and actually watching tv (true confession: I watched The Bachelor last night; good lord those women are all embarrassing to us normal members of the female population; what the hell was that woman who did back flips in her evening gown thinking?).  It’s like a new Cindi has invaded my body and told the old Cindi to sloooooow down and enjoy each moment.

An imaginary, turned real life, friend who I haven’t talked to in ages emailed me today and commented, “New house, new man, kids are good, Boston on the horizon – what a year ahead for you!”  She’s right.  All such good things – I’m going to continue to keep life slow and deliberate so I can soak them all in and enjoy every second of the goodness!

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