Happy New Year!

2013 started today the same way 2012 ended, with a rest day from running. Zero miles. Sometime hanging out with people you love and just being takes priority over running a few miles.

It’s all good though.  I’ve had two really tough weeks of running and life and mixed in a pretty bad cold on top of that – so I figured I deserved the rest.  I’m ready to start another tough week of training tomorrow – with my first 20 miler of the training cycle this weekend.  And just because I like to pack in the excitement – I’m also moving this week!

So, the Phoenix marathon week #7 recap you’ve all been wondering about:

Miles run: 56.3

Pilates: 1 time.


  • M: 9.2 miles (8:51) 
  • T: 8 miles (9:31)
  • W: 12 miles (8:34)
  • Th: 4 miles (9:23) (downhill, on treadmill)
  • F: 18 miles (9:04)
  • Sa: 5.1 miles (9:56)
  • Su: rest (downhill skiing though)

Added in some MP miles this week and felt mixed about them.  They didn’t feel like a pace I could maintain for 26.2.  Or even 6.2.  But, in my defense, I had a cold, it was sub-zero windchill and I was coming off of a 65 mile week of running last week.  So I don’t think they were supposed to feel easy.  At least that’s what I’m telling myself.



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