“The Year of Cindi” in review!

2012 – dubbed “The Year of Cindi” by some of my running friends – was filled with highs and lows.  But, thankfully, MORE highs than lows.

Running/Fitness highlights:

  • Number one, of course, was my first Boston Marathon acceptance! Yipee!
  • Learning to ride a bike! 🙂 I LOVE how my road bike has expanded my social opportunities as well as the positive effect it has on my running legs.
  • Running in cool non-Minnesota places: Cedar Key, Florida; Lansing, Michigan; Seattle, Washington; Chicago, Illinois; Savannah, Georgia
  • Running in different Minnesota places: Olivia, Duluth, Hibbing and Lanesboro.
  • Running two Marathons: Lansing (effing wind) and Chicago (effing leg/head/whatever)
  • A handful of PR’s: Grandma’s half marathon (1:38:56); Victory 10k (45:39); Brian Kraft 5k (21:58)
  • New running – now real life – friends
  • A new running coach – the results of which have yet to be seen, but so far I’m loving the new variety of workouts and what it is doing to my physical and mental fitness

Personal highlights:

  • Going from blonde to brunette.  It’s NOT true what they say:  I’ve definitely had more fun as a brunette than I did as a blonde! 🙂
  • Learning to be comfortable on my own, with myself.
  • Meeting someone who brightens my world.
  • Learning that I can’t control everything and that sometimes letting go and having faith is the best thing (the only thing) to do.

2012 in pictures:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am excited for the possibilities and promise of 2013!

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