Phoenix Marathon Training, Week #6

Big week of training is in the books.  Six weeks done already!


  • Mileage: 64.2 miles
  • Pilates: 3 times


  • M: 11.5 miles (w/ 9 x 1k at about HM pace)
  • T: 10 miles (9:31)
  • W: 10.6 hilly miles (8:59) w/ 3 strides; pilates
  • Th: 9.1 miles (8:47) w/ 6 x 200m
  • F: 7 miles (9:48); pilates
  • Sa: pilates
  • Su: 16 miles (8:43) w/ MP surges in last 8 miles

Random thoughts about the week:

  •  I didn’t hit the paces for the speedy stuff exactly as written, but close enough that the training effect should be there.
  • Coach MG wanted me to watch what I ate and drank and try to get rest this week b/c of the higher mileage and intensity.  It paid off – I felt good, was able to get up early and get the workouts in and I lost 2 pounds.  This week will be more challenging to watch what I eat/drink with Christmas and a ski trip.
  • The coaching thing seems to be working really well.  He is adjusting the workouts as we go – presumably based on how I handle the workouts that are given to me or my life stuff going on or something.  And I’m being a good little trainee and doing what I’m told. 🙂  It’s interesting that he is able to predict (maybe that’s the wrong word; maybe it’s just good coaching) what I can handle.  Example: at the beginning of the week my long run was written as 16 miles with 5 minute MP surges at the beginning of miles 8 -15.  But after my Monday workout (maybe cause I couldn’t hit my paces and faded???) he changed the long run to have the MP surges be less.  I was a little disappointed because I hate backing off of workouts.  BUT – it turns out that what he had me do today was exactly all that I could handle and I couldn’t handle one step further (and likely would have faded if the surges had been longer).
  • I’ve found that I’ve NEEDED pilates this week to loosen my legs.

Another high mileage week coming up!  Woot!

69 days til race day!

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