Moving On

Remind me again why I thought it would be a good idea to move around the holidays???


Things I have learned while packing up years of crap:

  • For a person who doesn’t cook and doesn’t entertain, I have TONS of stuff to pack in my kitchen and dining area.  As in 14 boxes and counting . . .
  • SO – my new plan with my kitchen stuff is if I don’t know what the F the thing is used for, I’m tossing it.  Seriously.  Half of the gadgets and gizmos in my kitchen baffle me.  So they aren’t coming with me to my new house.
  • The boxes from the moving company come in small, medium and large.  I am happy to report that my purses filled up a large box.  🙂 A girl can never have too many purses.
  • I have not packed my running gear yet, but my guess is that it will also fill a large box. 🙂 Priorities.
  • As I’m sitting here typing this and looking at the piles of boxes in my kitchen (and I haven’t even packed the plates and things I actually use), I’m thinking I need to reevaluate my plan and donate every other box to charity.  Really, I don’t think I’d even realize any of the stuff was missing.  Seriously.  I may unpack it and donate it.
  • I also have box after box after box of memories that are taking up a ton of space and packing time, but which I wouldn’t give away for the world.  You know, artwork and report cards, pictures and notes from the kids.  Priceless stuff.
  • Running is more important than ever, to help me get through the stress of moving.

When I was running this morning I realized that one of the things I’m going to miss the most about my current house is the running.  I have EVERY possible running distance measured out from my driveway, in every direction.  I have my neighborhood measured out (.85 miles when I hit every cul-de-sac) and know exactly how many laps I need to do for each distance run.  My neighborhood is safe and well lit and I can get my daily run done before the world is awake, and not leave the hood.  When I want to do a hilly route, I know which direction to head.  When I need a hill that’s 50 meters and a good incline, I know where to find one within a mile of my house.  When I need a 6 mile route, I know exactly which tree to stop at on the trail for the turn around point.  Sigh.  I know change is good and necessary and that I’ll find new running routes.  But with so many other major things changing right now, a big part of me wishes that my running routes would not need to change.  Sigh.

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