Planning Ahead

I updated my What’s Next page with a couple of half marathons that I won entries to in a silent auction.  For $20 each, how can I pass them up!?  Since they are so close to Boston, I will DEFINITELY just run them for fun – not race them.

The Lake Minnetonka Half Marathon was my first ever half marathon – in 2007 and I ran it in 2:07:10.  I love looking back at stuff like that and seeing the improvement.  I remember when I ran it I literally cried the last two miles and thought I was going to die.  At a 9:43 pace for 13 miles!  Now I could do it 2 minutes+ faster per mile!

The Lake Waconia Half Marathon is new and apparently tough.  So that one will just be for fun too.  Their post race party at Lola’s – with beer and burgers – makes for a fun day!

I’m already starting to think about next Fall and what marathon to do.  Or whether to do one at all.  Who am I kidding, you know I’ll sign up for one! 🙂  More than likely Twin Cities again – so that my fans (i.e. my mom and dad) can come out and cheer with their bright pink signs.


Am I the only one already starting to think about Fall marathons??  I’m a planner.

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