New Training Plan: $100 Pillow!

Who wants to buy me a $100 Boston Marathon decorative pillow for Christmas?!?!

boston pillow


I know it’s pricey.  But you only run your first Boston once.  And I’m thinking that if I get it soon and SLEEP on it every night, maybe I won’t have to train quite so hard – all the positive, fun racing vibes will just seep into my body through my peaceful dreams.  Hopefully Blog Reader #1 (Mom) is paying attention and sees this post and places her order from the Marathon Gift Collection website quickly! 🙂

4 thoughts on “New Training Plan: $100 Pillow!

  1. I want one of those babies too! But only after I qualify….then I’ll buy it for myself. :^)

    Hope you find it in your stocking Christmas Day.

  2. Cute pillow! But spendy!!

    Apropos of nothing: I was looking at email today and noticed an ad to the side for Cindi M. Legal firm of … MN. (You are totally my neighbor, btw.) But how strange that google is tracking my interests this closely and advertising you on my mail page!! Freaky!

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